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Four styles of Flex to choose for your bagger lights
Standard Integrators

Best value
Lights are setup every
other LED is Red that
can be running lights
and brake lights. Every
other LED is Amber. The
Amber LEDs could be
used as turn signals.

Get 2 LED colors in one
strip for less than the
single color strip


Single color Lights

All red LEDs. Get the
correct modules and
these will work as
running lights, brake lights
and turn signals

Choose the best color
tube to match your
bike. Clear, smoke or
Ampd single color

10x bright LED strips.
the sizes we offer are a
little different than the
red single color lights.
These can also be wired
to be turn indicators, brake
and running lights.

Tube colors to get the look
you want are red, clear or
smoke tube.
Premium integrators

A Premium choice because
the lights in the light strip each
are dual color. every LED is Red
and amber. The entire strip will
work as a red running/brake light.
The entire strip can work as a
Amber turn signal.

We even have a sequence module
that can be added to these also
please call us for detail.


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