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Wago 222-415 5-Way Connector / Lever Nut

wago lever locks

Prices starting at: $2.20



The LEVER-NUT®uses CAGE CLAP®wire termination technology to secure your wire in place in a quick and easy fashion. Just lift up the orange lever insert your stripped wire into the terminal opening and close the orange lever. Giving a clean and secure connection they are re-usable and feature a built-in test point on the connector.

Terminal Block Wire Size (AWG):28-12; Current Rating:20A

Put up to 5 24 gauge wires per terminal opening, a set of LEVER-NUTs®can connect up to 24 Accent LED Lights together. One connector is needed for the positive wires and one for the negative wires.

Strip wire back 10mm there is a gauge on the bottom of the LEVER-NUT®that can used as a guide

Push up orange lever all the way up

Insert wire(s) into terminal opening and push down lever

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