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Honda Motorcycle License Plate LED Light Frames

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With free shipping on orders over $150, Radiantz is your source for the highest-quality license plate frames for Honda motorcycles. Who says this accessory has to be dull? Each Honda license plate light assembly comes with either turn signals, brake lights or both. The LED technology embedded into these Honda motorcycle license plate holders gives you brightness without a power draw on the battery.

Position these Honda motorcycle license plate frames in horizontal or vertical orientations. You have style and functional options with Radiantz's stock. The LEDs add to the bike's personality while indicating your driving choices on the road. It's hard to miss a Honda CBR 600 license plate light with bright red or yellow LEDs blinking away. When you buy from Radiantz, you receive our manufacturing and warranty guarantee. We stand behind our LED lights because they give you reliable illumination and safety on the open road.