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Victory Vegas LED Lights

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Chameleonz starter kit Premium Chameleonz Starter Kit
Prices starting at: $175.93
Dual color Fork wraps, White running light then switches to amber while turn signal is applied. Forkerz DRL/Amber turn signal
Prices starting at: $137.45
UV Purple 1.85 round cluster UV Purple 1.85 round cluster
Prices starting at: $73.66
remote to control the accent lighting Plug-inz remote RGB mulit-color
Prices starting at: $65.99
Pair of 5 LED premium Integrators Integratorz Premium 5 LED pair
Prices starting at: $43.99
Z-Flex Dual Sequencer Z-Flex Dual Sequencer
Price each $33.91
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When you're ready to make a real improvement to your Victory Vegas, it's time to reach for the superior brightness of Radiantz Victory Vegas LED lights. Radiantz Victory Vegas 8 Ball LED lights are a cut above other manufacturers' Victory Vegas 8 Ball taillights. While Radiantz LEDs are easy to integrate into the clean lines of your ride, they provide unmatched safety with the brightness and performance you need to stand out on busy streets.

Radiantz lighting offers a wide selection of Victory Vegas turn signals as well as multifunction license plate frame lights, individual Victory Vegas taillights and all of the custom lights you could possibly need. Radiantz's Forkerz turn signals and Chameleonz lighting kits feature proprietary technology that makes them outperform the pack. Choose Radiantz LEDs for the Victory Vegas, and show the world what upgrade really means.